Who pays what, to who, and when?

From the many years of experience, we have gained in this industry we are confident our expertise can help you get a higher settlement than if you handled your claim on your own.

We don’t expect you to appoint us without knowing who we are and what we can do so we offer a free onsite consultation to discuss all your insurance needs.

Our advice is impartial and we will advise you of the best course of action whether that is carry on what you are doing or recommending the services we offer. The choice is always yours.

The fees are tailored to your individual needs and are agreed from the outset so that you know where you stand. Fees are normally a small percentage of the final sum agreed with insurers, and paid by the client once payment has been received from the insurance company. The added value we bring to a claim will more than offset the costs incurred.

We have a building network of skilled contractors who can assist with all manner of domestic and commercial refurbishment project from emergency contractors, drying specialists, builders and surveyors. Using our contractor network means our services are free as the network charges the contractors a fee meaning our service to you is FREE!

Please call to discuss how this may be more suited to your claim.
Hourly rates from £75.00 - £250.00 per hour

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