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We will explain all elements of our service during the free consultation, however here are some frequently asked questions.

It can be a little confusing and although they sound very similar, the roles are very different.

An Independent Loss Assessor or Independent Loss Adjuster works for you and you alone as your specialist Claims Consultant, guaranteeing that you receive the very best advice and support. Your interests are put first whilst maximising your legitimate claim, and you are assisted with all other aspects required to help you or your business recover from the incident.

A Loss Adjuster works for the insurance company, is paid by them and protects their best interests, which usually means finding ways to avoid the claim or minimise the payment. Loss Adjusters are no longer required by their institute to act impartially.

As Independent Claims Consultants, we act for you, providing the knowledge and expertise to negotiate with the insurance companies. Your Insurance Broker will in some instances help you, but often does not have the required time and experience.

We offer a highly technical, specialised service which is essential to the successful outcome of your claim. There are many potential obstacles and pit falls and we will assist you in navigating the minefield by utilising our experience gained over many years working in the industry.

We ensure that you are treated fairly and that your best interests are protected. We aim to obtain the best available settlement and will manage the detailed negotiations with your insurer or their adjusters giving your claim the utmost diligence and care in a friendly and helpful way.

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